So this morning, my dad walks past me in the restroom doing my hair. At that moment I knew he was going to stop and say something, but I was hoping he wasn’t. Because I don’t really feel like getting yelled at or going back and forth with someone today. After a while he walks back past and says, “I thought those was one of the shorts you wear for gym.” We have this whole conversation about how my nike, black shorts are too “little.” I tried telling him it’s going to be super hot today, and I already wore my other shorts. I wasn’t going to put on leggings, which he doesn’t like those much neither. And I definitely wasn’t going to put on pants. Especially how I felt yesterday, and today’s degrees wasn’t even close to yesterday’s. Also because I just want to be comfortable while going to school. But anyways he wants me to get different shorts. My thing is, what does he think shorts consist of? They’re shorts! they’re supposed to be short. Haha. This is just ridiculous. I’m 17 years old still being told what to wear, lmao okay.

Morning bus ride

I live really close to the highway, so I’m the third to last person to get on the bus. Which is fine. But the thing I don’t like about it is seats. The very first day of school it was literally one open seat, which was towards the back. Of course I sat there. But the problem is that majority of the people on here wants to seat in the back. I don’t understand what difference it makes. Everyone makes a big deal about sitting in the back of the bus. Like now there’s 2 underclassmen who were at first sitting in the front and now took someone’s seat and set in the back. I’m not sure if they just want to be by the boys or if they feel better if they seat in the back with all the “cool people.” It doesn’t really bother me because I still have the same seat from day 1. But when they start trying to tell people where to sit and where they should’ve sat to avoid problems, because they took their seat. It makes me mad, because that person would’ve had their seat if they didn’t take it. I don’t like when people try to change things and it’s already been fixed for a while. Unless something absolutely needs to be changed, I would rather for things to stay how they usually are.


As some of you know, Saturday was my last high school homecoming.

Of course I had to go. But that day was so nerve recking and rushed. At one point in time I didn’t think I would make it through the doors of mhs on time. I had a hair appointment at 4 pm, but then my beautician called and switched it to 4:30 pm. Let me remind you homecoming started at 7 pm, the doors closed at 8:30 pm. Come 6 pm she finally gets done with my hair, and a little after 6 pm my date text me and said he was on his way to my house.

In the inside I’m panicking because I knew I wasn’t going to be ready by the time he arrived at my house. I finally got home and I was trying to get my makeup done. Next thing you know he calls saying he’s outside. So no, I did not get my makeup done. As I ran to my room and started putting my dress on. I hear “hello, how you doing?” It was his mom.. Now I’m even more nervous than I’ve ever been. After maybe 5 minutes my dress and shoes were on. I slowly walk closer to my room door and peep my head around the corner and I see my uncle, my nephew.. But then I see my dates sister and her friend. My uncle kept motioning his hand telling me to come on. In return I shook my head no, I was too nervous.

I finally convinced myself to just go ahead and come out. As I walked down the hall, mostly everyone stood up and looked at me. It felt like I was a bride walking down the ail. Which in that situation I actually was walking down a really long hall, but obviously I wasn’t a bride.

It felt like that moment would never end and I would never over come my shyness. But overall that moment was something I would never forget.

Walking Wednesday

Today, I am writing on my blog for the very first time. I find this blog a really good idea, because I am always pouring my heart out on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Snapchat. I know you’re probably wondering what “Walking Wednesday” means. Well one of the classes I am taking this semester is Lifetime/Recreational Sports. I really like this class. Especially because we don’t do as much running as all the other gym classes. My teacher, Coach Morris made up this thing called “Walking Wednesday.” It is when every Wednesday the entire class goes outside and walk on the track until it’s time to go back in. I like the walking and all. But I wish we could take our phones out while we walk. In my opinion it’ll be a better workout, and I don’t really have any friends in the class to walk and talk with. But somehow your girl made 2 friends, one a sophomore and the other is a junior. They’re both really chill and nice, we actually talk about a lot of stuff during our walks on Wednesdays. Hopefully everyone else enjoys their Wednesdays like I do.